On Tuesday, January 22nd, our CM2 B and C classes went by bus to the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. Upon arrival, we waited for ten minutes in front of a beautiful building. Soon after, each class split into two groups and we entered the museum.

Our guides Saïda, Hildy, Anne, Young Ju, Cathy, Laurence, Daniela, Céline, Bénédicte and Sibila were waiting for us inside. We didn’t see the entire museum, only the works they showed us. We had the chance to admire models of mosques, calligraphy writing on various objects (the Quran, parchments, cloth from the Kaaba), miniatures, the magic squares, the Malaysian traditional costumes and weapons such as the kriss.

With Saïda, we discovered the history of Islam and its five pillars.

Hildy introduced the Taj Mahal and the mosques of Djenné (Mali), Xi’an (China), Melaka and Thailand.

Anne showed us Persian literature, the Quran (which is a sacred text), calligraphy writing, miniatures and the cloth from the Kaaba.

Young Ju revealed the legend of the magic square on porcelain and Cathy, the Malaysian costumes.
Sibila, Bénédicte, Daniela and Céline explained to us how to use a kriss.

Laurence told us how to use the weapons exhibited.

After spending two hours at the museum, we went back to the entrance. We took pictures in front of the building then left to go to the planetarium.

Many thanks to all our guides who taught us a lot about Islamic arts!

We loved this great trip which lasted from 8 to 11am. We enjoyed EVERYTHING!

Although I liked everything, I enjoyed the Malaysian legends the most as well as the manuscripts and, particularly, the cloth from the Kaaba. Maria

I preferred the magic square, and the cloth from the Kaaba was impressive. Eléna

I enjoyed the magic squares and the models of the mosques. Céline

I loved the kriss and the Quran books. Giorgio

I liked everything but I liked the traditional outfits the most. Ilona

The magic square was interesting but I loved the kriss. Mateo

I found the calligraphy writing very interesting, and I quite liked the traditional costumes.  Margaux

I liked everything because it was very interesting but I preferred the magic square and the Kaaba. Chloé

I liked the weapons and the history of Islam. Oscar

I liked everything but what I liked the most was the magic square and the cloth from the  Kaaba. Morgan

I quite liked the Islamic models. Albanne   

I preferred the models of the various mosques, the five pillars of Islam and the cloth from the Kaaba. Camil

I quite liked the kriss, it was awesome. Romain

Everything was great but the best was the history and the five pillars. Jalil

I loved the weapons and, above all, the magical squares. Thanks to all the guides!!!!!!!!!!! Simon

To me, the nicest thing was the models. PS thanks to the guides.   GASPARD

I liked everything in the museum; I particularly enjoyed the royal rifles, the cloth from the Kaaba and also the history of Islam. Thanks to all the guides! Raslène

Since I love models, Hildy’s presentation was my favourite. Lia

We all very much enjoyed this most interesting trip.

Thank you to the guides for their perfect organisation.