Mr CASTERA -Primary School Director, Julien GALAIS -in charge of Primary School Life- and the class representatives from CE1 to CM2 attended the second representatives’ council meeting which was held on January 30th, 2019 with Valérie EYMARD -Assistant Chief Education Adviser- as special guest.

Ms EYMARD began this second meeting by introducing our anti-bullying committee who was set up two years ago and explaining its purpose. In order to really understand the subject of this intervention, she then showed the representatives the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeAjp6B_DNs

Mr FOUILLET’s CM2 B pupils had been tasked with organising this meeting and chose as a theme “Recycling at LFKL”.

They gave a questionnaire to the primary classes, asking things like “Would you like recycling bins of different colours? Would you like to have lectures on recycling?”
When collecting the documents, various propositions and ideas appeared, showing our pupils’ interest in a recycling system, bins of different colours, planting, composting, etc.

There are already various actions done within LFKL such as composting what is left of the pupils’ afternoon snack, plastic and paper recycling in class through the use of different bins and the Green Celebration organised by Mr Nicolas DUPUY assisted by the upper secondary students, but also outside the school with the beach cleaning part of our nature trips to Cherating.
Other actions and projects are currently being carried out and should be implemented by the end of the year; each family will have a chance to participate.

Last, the CM1 A pupils suggested doing a “Talent Show” for the primary classes. Each pupil or group of pupils who has a talent for singing, juggling, playing music, etc. will have the chance to showcase it to the primary classes onstage in the auditorium. This project is, for now, pending implementation.

The next meeting will take place on March 28th and will be organised by the CM2 C pupils.