School Exchange

On the 11th of April 2017, the LFKL had the privilege of visiting Kolej Tunku Kurshiah. The trip was under supervision of M.Bichel, acting principal of the LFKL. Accompanied by Mme Fouillet and Mme Benedicte Cajon. On this trip, the class of 2nde A was particularly selected to represent the LFKL. The main goal of this trip was to establish a link with an institute of the host country with a view of cultural and linguistic openness. Kolej Tunku Kurshiah or better known as TKC (Tunku Kurshiah College), is the most popular all-girls residential school and the first fully residential girls ‘school in Malaysia. The school’s current acting principal is Pn. Hjh Anismah Bt M.Noh. The school is situated in Bandar Enstek, Malaysia.

On the morning of the 11th of April 2017, the representatives of the LFKL gathered at 8:00 am to start our trip to the Malaysian Institute. From the LFKL to the Tunku Kurshiah College, it was a one hour bus ride, so the students of the LFKL decided to sit back, relax and listen to some questionable music. Once we finally arrived in the college, we were greeted by the school’s students who were holding sheets of paper with our names on it. Many of us were overwhelmed with how they welcomed us. We were then shown a martial arts performance by a group of students at the college, it was extremely delightful. We then proceeded to take pictures with the representatives of the Tunku Kurshiah College. After that, was the funny part, apparently one girl was “assigned” to a member of the class as a tour guide. They showed us the way to the auditorium where a representative of the college would make a speech about establishing links with other schools. M. Bichel also made a speech, thanking the college for having us, thanking the representatives of the college and most importantly, addressing the newfound development of the relationship between the LFKL and Tunku Kurshiah College. We were then shown two performances, the first performance was a traditional dance of the school and the second performance was a student of the college singing a French song, in which both of the performances were excellent and electrifying.

After those spectacular performances, the students showed us the way to the cafeteria where we would eat a light snack. I personally ate rice with chicken as my “Light snack”…it was good. After the light snack, we headed over to a classroom where we would first make Batik. It was fun to experience something some students in the class have never done before, even if I completely failed my Batik. M. Bichel and Mme Fouillet were extremely delighted of this activity and satisfied with their work of art as were most people. … To start off, we played a game utilising pebbles. The objective of the game was throw the pebbles on the table, you pick a pebble, throw it then proceed to take another pebble while catching the one that you threw. It would go up to 5 rounds. We may have skipped one or two rounds because it was getting slightly too difficult. We then proceeded to play a game called Yosome, we might have butchered the name. The game is essentially rock, paper and scissors but this time, paper is water, scissors is a bird and rock is…well a rock. The winner of each round gets to hit the opponent’s hand, extremely pleasant even if there were some who didn’t want to get hit…Once the games were over, the students showed us around the institute, we visited many classrooms such as the Chinese homeroom, the Japanese homeroom, the French homeroom and many more.

After those visits, we went to the cafeteria once more to have lunch. This time, we could have more rice. Everyone had the delight of eating Rice, chicken curry along with some vegetables. The food was amazing, that’s our overall review of it. After lunch, we left for the library, which was huge by the way. It was perfectly air conditioned and had two floors. At the library, we played a Malay tongue twister, I was not really good at that and Cong Kak, which is, there are two people against each other and the way to win the game is to have as many marbles as possible in your hole. To top it all off, we took many pictures with the students of Tunku Kurshiah College, all of them are kind, very talented and smart individuals who made the day extremely fun.

But as the day comes to a close, we started to prepare for our departure. But before leaving, we took a lot of pictures with the students with the banner that they made for us, for thanking us for coming to visit them. We couldn’t have been happier to meet them and to know what it is like to live in a girl’s boarding school. Overall, the trip was a huge success, everyone was satisfied with how it turned out. On the behalf of the LFKL, we would like to thank the Tunku Kurshiah College for having us and treating us to such an amazing day. The moments that have been made in this college will never be forgotten. We, the class of 2A, would also like to thank M. Bichel, Mme Fouillet and Mme Benedicte Cajon for this unforgettable experience. Their efforts to complete the mission have been more than successful. Once again, thank you.

-Joshua Veydarier 2A – 19/4/2017