About The LFKL

Established in 1962, the French School of Kuala Lumpur (LFKL) is a not for profit and parents governed school, welcoming 665 students from 40 different countries, from preschool to high school.

LFKL offers an affordable multilingual environment and is known for its academic excellence. Our education embraces cultural diversity and promotes an international outlook to empower future generations and make meaningful contributions to our world.

Students follow a French curriculum leading to the French Baccalaureate that includes a European section, they benefit from a high standard education that includes cultural, artistic, technical, scientific, literary and sports activities.

Courses are provided by qualified French teachers attached to the Ministry of National Education and by professional English native-speaking teachers.

Open to plurilingualism, the LFKL takes into account the diversity of its students and offers a curriculum adapted throughout their schooling.

An early English program is offered to preschool students through educational activities, by group level, taking into account the diversity of their language levels.

In secondary school, in addition to English, students have the opportunity to learn 4 languages (German, Spanish, Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu) and receive international certifications every year (Cambridge, DELF, DELE, IELTS, HSK). Most of our students become bilingual or trilingual at the end of their studies.

The LFKL enables students to access the best international universities and top higher institutions.
The school is known for its outstanding results at the French national examinations (100% success rate at the Baccalaureate, with 83% of Graduation with honours at the 2020 session).

Last year, 45% of the graduates left the LFKL to study abroad (in Canada, England, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, the United States, Malaysia, Indonesia and Lebanon) in prestigious institutions and universities.

  • 40
  • 100%
  • 65%
    alumni study abroad
  • 566


France is one of the country with the largest school network.

The LFKL is part of the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad), a global network of 522 French schools in 139 countries that gathers 370 000 pupils, 40% French and 60% foreigners.

French schools abroad share a unique curriculum, allowing students to pursue their studies anywhere around the world.

The AEFE supports the growing mobility of French families’ abroad, providing French education to French speaking children but also welcoming foreign students interested in learning the French language and culture.

The AEFE gives Excellence-Major scholarships to foreign bachelors from the network according to their level of excellence in order to pursue their studies in France.

The program offers approximately 200 scholarships every year. In total, more than 800 students from nearly 80 different nationalities were supported during five years (for their Masters) in France.



The LFKL first opened for only a few students and was generously hosted by the Alliance Française.


The establishment received the regulatory approvals from the Ministry of French National Education. The French school had a small campus about twenty students from the 1st year of Primary school to the 1st year of Secondary school.


The number of students reached 42, the school moved to the expatriate district of Bukit Tunku.


LFKL became a non-profit association and signed a convention with the Agency of French Schools Abroad (AEFE). The school also obtained a regulatory approval for secondary classes (1996) and high school classes (1997).


The school offered a curriculum from kindergarten to highschool, it was necessary for the LFKL to move again and start building a bigger establishment.


The 1st stone of the new French School was laid in Segambut (at the current establishment). The inauguration of the new infrastructure took place in September 2005 to accommodate 339 students.


Today, the LFKL gathers 120 employees, guaranteeing a high standard curriculum in accordance with the French conventions, regulatory approvals and programs.
The establishment brings together more than 380 families including 585 students in an international environment.


The LFKL, like most French schools abroad, is a privately-run school, managed by different decision-making and consultative bodies.
As LFKL Bhd. is a Malaysian registered company, it is managed by a Board, whose statutes can be viewed below, as well as its Code of Ethics.

Statutes of the LFKL in English

Board of Directors’ Code of Ethics.

The agreement between the LFKL and AEFE is available here.