what makes the LFKL unique?

A curriculum leading to the French Baccalaureate that includes a European section, recognized all over the world.

The LFKL is part of the AEFE network (522 French schools in 139 countries).

In 2021, 40% of the graduates were accepted in prestigious universities abroad (more details).

60% of the students left the LFKL to study in France in reputable schools (more details).

The LFKL offers a personalized, interactive and adapted university guidance to prepare students to a higher education across the world (more details).

Lessons are taught by qualified French teachers attached to the Ministry of National Education and professional English speaking teachers (more details).

Outstanding results

100% success rate at the Baccalaureate last year with 90% of graduation with honors.

Early English program designed to integrate international students.
Foreign languages are taught from the kindergarten stage, students have the opportunity to learn up to 5 languages. Most of them become bilingual or tree-lingual at the end of their studies (language class details).

Students Diversity

38 Nationalities
70% of French students, 30% of local and expatriate students


Developing students’ tolerance and building greater exposure towards multiculturalism.

Celebrating Cultural Traditions

Learning about other cultures, ethnicities and languages, through school activities.
Introducing Malaysia’s cultural richness to students.

Spoken by 220 millions people on 5 continents, making it a common business and cultural language.

Allowing students to integrate universities in France at a lower cost

French universities and business schools are ranked among the top higher education institutions recognized internationally.

France is one of the most popular student host countries in the world. Universities offer a variety of English degree programs (business, engineering, computer science, social studies).

Sponsorships are given to Malaysians who wish to study in France

Spacious and bright classrooms
Digital equipment for innovative and interactive learning.
Science Labs.
Technology classroom (robotics).
Rooms dedicated to physical education.
Nap rooms for toddlers.
Playgrounds for various activities.

22 sports, cultural and artistic activities to choose from.
25 meter swimming pool, gymnasium, rock climbing wall football & basketball court and an auditorium.
A library and an airy and spacious canteen.

Everyday the school offers two Asian and Western menus to students.
Homemade balanced dishes cooked by a French Chef.

The school offers a bus service in the morning and in the afternoon in 14 neighborhoods of Kuala Lumpur (Ampang, KL City Center, Mont Kiara, Desa Park City, Sri Hartamas, Bangsar, Damansara, Bukit Tunku et T.T.D.I.)

Security and police officers trained and equipped to protect the students and the school surroundings.

Healthy Learning Environment
Our school psychologist and infirmary are working daily to reassure, give first aid and help students emotionally, socially and academically.