Middle School

Like the primary school, secondary school education at the Lycée Français of Kuala Lumpur is approved by the Ministry of French National Education.


From 12 years old to 14 years old : 6ème, 5ème, 4ème, 3ème (Year 7 to Year 10).

What areCross-Curricular Studies (EPI – Enseignements Pratiques Interdisciplinaires).

Cross-Curricular Studies or EPI are an integral part of the Lower Secondary School reforms, they are compulsory and represent around 72 hours annually per class. Each class (from 5ème to 3ème) takes two cross-curricular subjects in a school year. The main idea is to give meaning to learning, to promote inter-disciplinary and group work.

The term “Enseignement” indicates that each teacher will teach their subject (and only theirs) and cover all the notions of their official curriculum: there is thus no change from this point of view in comparison with the former curricula.

The term “Pratique” signifies that each teacher will approach their curriculum through a common project for all the students in the class (defined according to 8 topics set out in the official texts). This project will be translated into concrete form (a slide presentation, exhibition, model, film, technical object etc).

The term “Interdisciplinaire” signifies that several subjects will converge in this project. Each teacher will contribute, through their subject and within the framework of the official hours, to the production of the final project, working as a team with the other teachers involved.


These Cross-Curricular Studies are evaluated by skills and each student will have the opportunity of presenting their contribution to a Cross-Curricular project that they have particularly enjoyed during their time in Cycle 4, in the oral examination of the Brevet.

Session 2021:

Overview of the EPI from 5eme to 3eme (Cycle 4) at the LFKL

LevelOfficial ThemeChosen subject of studyBrief description of the projectSubjects concerned
5èmeEcological transition and sustainable developmentWater, a precious resource“Stream to sea” study of water, connection with man and human activity. Final exhibition presenting different subjects tackled in each subject.Physical Science, Earth and Life Sciences, Music, Mathematics, Physical Education, Technology, History and Geography
5èmeLanguages and cultures of AntiquityMythological AnimalsEstablish a relationship between the subjects concerned by using a dragon (mythological animal) as a link. Development of comics or other literary expressions as well as masks, for an exhibition on the dragon in different cultures/countries.Languages, French, History, Geography. Art, Technology
4èmeBody, Health, Well being, Security, Citizenship and
Risk and prevention
Creating an informative leaflet about the risks and the prevention of the natural disasters and the impact that it could have on our health. A useful prevention tool for everyone.Earth and Life Sciences,  Sport,  Technology, French,
3èmeInformation, Communication and CitizenshipEcotourismPresenting a communication project related to the preservation of endemic species and coastlines, especially mangroves, a major issue in Malaysia.Earth and Life Sciences, French, History, Geography, German, English, Chinese, Spanish.