The international sections are a bilingual and bicultural system set up by the French Ministry of National Education in cooperation with the partner countries. Their particularity is to integrate, within the French system, education not only related to the language, but also to the culture and pedagogical approach of the partner country.

The French section (SF) and the International section (SI) are approved by the French National Education.

The objective of these students is to prepare the diploma of the French International Baccalaureate (BFI), part of which is passed in English. High school students pass all the tests corresponding to the common core in French, with the exception of some tests specific to the IS. This degree is different from an IB (International Baccalaureate). It has the same value as the French Baccalaureate and is recognized by higher education establishments in English speaking countries.

It is also an opportunity for those students from an Anglophone background to reinforce their literary, cultural, and historical heritage.

Our school’s priority remains teaching in French, in line with French programs. The objective of the IS is therefore not to recreate a bilingual section or a section where the main instruction would be in English, with some French taught as a foreign language.

The course in British international section is offered to students from the CP class to the 2nde for the 2023-2024 school year.

This course will be extended to first classes in 2024-2025, then to final classes in Terminale in 2025-2026.

How to join the International Section ?
  • The International section will primarily concern students with a good level in French and English. Priority will be given to children already following an international section.
  • Admission to the International Section will be decided by an annual commission, taking into account the opinion of the teachers, the family project and the relevance of this orientation in the school career of the child. The board’s decision does not involve an appeal.
  • The Admissions Board decides in May on new applications for admission to the International Section as well as on applications for re-enrollment in IS.
  • All students applying for SI in high school will be required to take an entrance test in May (or September for new students)
The International Section in primary school

In primary school, IS registration is for the school year and is renewed or not the following year on the recommendation of the Commission. Students will therefore be able to join or leave the IS at the beginning of each year, depending on the places available.

SF and SI students will be mixed in the main French classes.

The schedule remains 26 hours weekly and the school calendar will be the same for the French Section (FS) and the international section.

The 3 hours per week of specific courses in the International Section are taught (and evaluated) in English following an adapted version of the British curriculum.

All students in both the French and International Sections will continue to benefit from 3 hours of weekly English language instruction as well as two weekly English activity sessions (CLIL).

There is no additional cost for the international section in primary school.

The International Section at the secondary

In high school, a student enrolled in SI may be brought to join the SF if he has difficulties, on the decision of the class council at the end of the term. They may return to the IS at a later date if their academic level permits.

In high school, SI students are grouped together in classes with SF students and meet among SI students for the specific teachings that concern them.

Students enrolled in classes leading to the French International Baccalaureate (BFI) take the same courses as students enrolled in the common core leading to the general baccalaureate, namely: the common core, specialty courses and, if applicable, optional courses, including possibly a third modern (foreign) language;

They also take complementary courses specific to the preparation of the International French Baccalaureate: a course of knowledge of the world; a compulsory non linguistic subject (Non linguistic discipline), or history-geography, scientific; a deep cultural and linguistic journey (Cultural and linguistic deepening).

Students enrolled in IS will also take the International General Certificate Secondary Education (IGCSE). This exam is the last of common core for students in Great Britain. It also represents a step in the preparation of IB and is internationally recognized.

The IGCSE consists of 3 tests:

–  In 3ème: English 1st language

–  2nde: History and English literature

The preparation of this exam starts from the 4ème.

Detailed information about IS on secondary is available on the following document.

The cost of the IS in secondary is in addition to the annual school fee. For 2023-2024, it is 9,000 RM.