Opening of the new International Section at the LFKL


Who can apply?

  • Students entering year 1 to year 5* (CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2) will be able to join the section beginning of the next school year in September 2022. Every year, students will be able to apply for it for their next academic year.
  • The International British Section will be limited to a certain number of students.


*following the Malaysian system, year 2 to year 4 following the British system

How can students integrate the International Section (IS)?
  • The International Section admission applications will be reviewed by an annual committee, gathering French and English teachers and the school leadership.
  • To apply for the International Section, families will have to request an application form from the school, following a specific calendar that will be communicated to the students.
  • Students with a good command of French and English will be able to join the IS.

An admission assessment will be organized in French and English by the teachers. The result of this test will be one of the key elements that will be taken into account by the IS committee when deciding on the admission of a student.

The family’s project and the choice of this orientation for their child’s educational path will also be one of the elements taken into consideration by the committee.

  • Students admitted in the IS will be completing their schooling with this additional option unless the annual committee decides they have to go back to the French Section.

Students will be able to join or leave the IS at the beginning of each school year, depending on the places available.

  • This new program did not generate additional costs for the LFKL at the elementary school level. The International Section tuition cost in elementary school will remain the same as the French Section. Once the IS will be implemented for secondary school students (college / lycée), an additional cost will probably be requested from families.
What is the objective of the IS?


  • The purpose of the IS is to give the opportunity to students to pass their French Baccalaureate with an additional International British option. From elementary school onwards, students will start preparing for their IS examination that will be in English. High school students from the IS will sit for the same examinations as the French section, only a few specific tests will be relevant to the IS. The IS diploma is different from the IB (International Baccalaureate). It has the same value as the French Baccalaureate and is recognized by higher education establishments in English speaking countries.
What will be the main differences between the French Section (FS) and the international section (IS) for the elementary school students?
  • Each lesson will comply with the French education programs and will remain approved by the French National Education.
  • The school schedule will remain the same; 26 hours of class per week and the school calendar will be the same for both sections. Most of the teaching will be given by the French teacher of the French language class.
  •  All students from the FS and from the IS will still benefit from 3 hours of English class per week.
  • SI students are grouped together for a total of 3h per week for 1.5h QLM (Science/Hist/Geog) and 1.5h Lit/Cult. For the remaining 2 hours of EMILE (Art and Sport), the SI and FS are mixed.
  • Students from the FS will follow these subjects in French with their French teacher, with the exception of course of the English culture and literature subject that will be taught in French and adapted by teachers according to each student’s class level.

    Students will continue to follow their sports and arts classes in English during two hours per week and will still benefit from their English classes (3hours per week).