Cezars Kitchen strives to exceed customer expectations with great-tasting, nutritious food made with love and served with a smile… every day!

Cezars Kitchen has been serving healthy and delicious food to hundreds of thousands of customers throughout Japan, Malaysia, Korea and Singapore for more than 20 years. The Cezars brand is widely known and respected as a leader in food service in the international community. Our daily meals are made fresh onsite, and our kitchens are free from pork, MSG and Nuts.

Cezars Kitchen’s daily menus are carefully crafted by passionate chefs and then validated by in-house dietician, encouraging, and offering students a well-balanced and appetising spread every day. Students are offered an enticing array of dishes to choose including salad, choice of Western or Asian main course, freshly baked bread, yogurt, fruit and special dessert.

At HEVEA (from PS to CE2), students have a dedicated canteen and dining area. For safety precaution, Maternelle pupils are directly served at the tables (and can ask for refill on request), while the oldest students have access to self-service. For any further information regarding the organization of the canteen, the choice of meal and the canteen fees, please write to :