Dear parents,

Pupils who chose to follow the optional sports course in high school invite you to meet two daunting challenges. This project will be part of their learning curriculum.

What is it about? 

The idea is to count how many kilometres in total will be walked and run from February 1st to February 19th.

Which challenge for whom?

For all pupils, run or walk a distance equal to that between KL and France (10,636 km)
For pupils’ parents and LFKL staff, run or walk a distance equal to that between Paris and New-York (6,000 km).

How does it work? 

The pupils concerned will collect data from different classes. First, they will get in touch with each class’ teachers and collect the e-mails of parents willing to take part in the challenge.
After that, you’ll let them know how long you run or walk whenever you get out.

Any more questions?

  • When does the challenge begin? On February 1st: all outings as of this day will be taken into account.
  • When exactly does it end? On February 19th at 2 p.m. A link to a countdown will be shared, enabling pupils and their parents to know how much time is exactly left to meet the challenge.
  • Is it allowed to bike or use a kids’ scooter? Unfortunately, no, for we wish to abide by the SOPs imposed in Malaysia, therefore, you may only record the distances you walk or run.
  • Can I sometimes run, and sometimes walk? Yes, any type of outing is valid. You may walk all the way, or run every time you go out, or do a bit of both.
  • If I go out with my child, how shall we count? Simply fill in both tables, the one for the pupils’ challenge and the one for the parents’ challenge.
  • Who shall I contact should a question arise? Please send an e-mail to the pupils in charge of the project in your child’s class. You should be informed of their contact address soon.

The pupils concerned (those who follow the optional sports course) do hope the whole LFKL community will support this federative project.