The 24-Hour-Race Kuala Lumpur was the biggest race ever organised by 24 Hour Organisation, with more than a thousand participants this year!

We are proud to inform you one participant in each of our 13th graders’ teams climbed the podium this year, among them Charles de Soultrait who ran the equivalent of 80 km, which won him a silver medal, while Christopher LeBot, who ran the equivalent of 56.4 km earned a bronze medal!

Members of our two teams took turns running for 24 hours non-stop, covering a total distance of 296 km!

In addition, we won all the race related challenges such as the push-ups contest, won by Luca Murphy, and the short wheelbarrow race won by Luca Murphy and Hemesh Ujoodha!

Thanks to APEKL (Parents of Students of LFKL’s Association) and to the CA (Administration Board) for their sponsorship, thanks to Ms. Reynaud (LFKL’s Headmaster) and to Lisa Varyan (our « School mom ») for having supported our project and thanks to all parents and benefactors for their generosity and support!


The 13th graders