Organized by our arts teacher, Mrs Tanivvi Tanivill, the Getty Challenge was done during the MCO when everyone was forced to be quarantined.  The students from 6ème to 3ème were kept busy with this creative activity.  They were taught about the different movements of art according to their level.  

Discover their artworks here!

The 3ème students learnt about the 20th century art meanwhile the 4ème students were enlightened about the Impressionism art movement.  On the other hand, the 5ème and the 6ème students learnt about the great artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael during the Renaissance era.  The students obtained a great deal of knowledge and enjoyed creating replicas of paintings during those times. ​

After finishing their getty challenge project, they were guided by their English Language teachers to create haiku, catch phrases and interesting posters.  The English teachers who were involved are Madam Nithiaswari Arumugam (3ème), Madam Vidya Sreenivasan (4ème and 5ème) and Madam Lisa Pagnoux (6ème).