After 4 days in Jakarta, Indonesia, the badminton team of LFKL comprising Alicia, Sahra, Mathys, Thomas, Marion, Avalon, Jeremy, Jaydon, Délia, Thays, Julie, Sean and Eliott is back home with some medals but most importantly a lot of fond memories of this 5th Asia Pacific Championship.

Two quite distinct tournaments took place during this competition. The first, opposing single players, wasn’t a real success for our students. This was happily not so for the second; there, our players won some medals in double teams. The idea is for the players to team with partners from other delegations so as to favour friendly exchanges. A great initiative and a great success!

Exchanges went on in the evening with the hosting families but also during a half day dedicated to discovering a local craft:  batik, as well as during primary school lessons, giving an opportunity to young Indonesians to discover our country: Malaysia.

A lot of exchanges, friendliness and a fabulous experience for our students who will take it at heart to defend LFKL’s colours once more next year.

Thanks to APEKL for its support, especially in financing our students’ official uniforms.