LFKL will hold its Careers forum, on its own premises this year, on Saturday 28 March from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students from 9th to 13th grade included are welcome. This forum aims at raising the students’ awareness about the importance of their choice of a future occupation, providing them with an opportunity to meet professionals from different fields so as to widen their perspectives or define more accurately any new-born project of theirs.

We call upon you to take part in this forum as a professional so that you may present your occupation and your working environment with the goal of giving our students food for thought about their own future career.

We would very much appreciate it if we could welcome people working in such fields as:
–      Armed and security forces
–      Stage performances
–      Audit, management
–      Banking and insurance
–      Building, Public works and Architecture
–      Chemistry and pharmaceutical industry
–      Communication, Marketing, Advertisement
–      Commerce, sales, trade
–      Ship, train and plane building
–      Culture, arts and craftsmanship
–      Law, Justice
–      Edition, Journalism
–      Higher education, Research
–      Environment
–      Food & Beverage, hotel industry
–      Information technology
–      Logistics, transportation
–      Fashion
–      Health and social services
–      Sports, Hobbies, Tourism

Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list and I invite you to fill the following form to make yourself known, should you wish to participate in this forum. Just click on the link below:

For any question, please contact Ms. Morgane Fort, orientation counsellor:

Thanks in advance for taking part!