The first climbing competition of the year took place in the splendid Camp5 room, in the middle of our “winter” holidays -an opportunity for our team of 9 pupils to face others from various international schools in Kuala Lumpur.

Accompanied by Pang, the pupils measured themselves against no less than 90 other climbers in two different climbing styles: bouldering and top-rope climbing. And the least we can say is that LFKL performed really well with no less than four medals won, including a gold one.

The LFKL team comprised Sirine Belkacen Filali, Delia Michel, Clara Edessa Manigart, Mathys Michel, Inès Jimenez Alvarez, Alix Vernhes, Jeanne Verhnes, Marie Tissier and Melina Claire Waedlin.

The medal-winning pupils are:

– 1st category, 10-12 y.o. boys: Mathys Michel who won the competition with a massive bouldering performance;
– 2nd category, 10-12 y.o. girls: Inès Jimenez Alvarez whose remarkable work in ECA was rewarded with a most promising performance;
– 3rd category, 10-12 y.o. girls: Marie Tissier who accesses the podium following a comprehensive performance, all the more remarkable for a CM2 pupil;
– 2nd category, 12-14 y.o. girls: Délia Michel who missed first place after a mistake in bouldering. It should be noted that Délia was the only girl -of all categories, including the upper secondary school ones- to successfully top-rope climb all of the routes.

No doubt that in the future, the school will be more present in such competitions. Many thanks to Pang, Francis and their partner for their remarkable work within the school.