MCO in LFKL is also an opportunity to take some time to think and exchange with other students from the area and renowned teachers willing to launch a debate from their home in France.

It was with great pleasure that 13th graders in Social and economic sciences classes and some of their fellow students (these last, present on a voluntary basis) launched this Tuesday 21 April a series of meetings about history, economics, economic history, geopolitics and political sciences.

The first guest was Pierre Grosser, professor of international relations in Sciences Po Paris, who debated with them and with other students from 5 different schools in the area, about the stakes and consequences of the current sanitary crisis and its geopolitical implications for Asian countries and for fundamental liberties and democracy in Asia.

This meeting series initiated by Riad Rezzik, a social and economic sciences teacher in Seoul, should soon obey a collegial mode of organisation, grouping all social and economic sciences teachers in the zone willing to take part. Students concerned in LFKL will of course attend these debates!

Next conference featuring Professor Olivier Accominotti should take place at the end of May or beginning of June. It will provide an opportunity to discuss financial crisis, focusing on Asia.
Congrats to the participants, especially Mayeul and Pierre-Louis, spokespersons for all LFKL pupils!
Catherine Garland, social and economic sciences teacher

Instant comments:
“I was surprised by the high-quality transmission of the conference and by Pierre Grosser’s thoughts, he provided quite interesting and even captivating answers to the questions. That was indeed enlightening.” Sébastien, Year 12

“A highly interesting conference that enabled all of us to enrich our knowledge of Asia and what’s at stake on the continent” Elena, Year 12

“This conference was a much welcomed change from our regular lessons as well as an opportunity to discuss interesting questions between high-school pupils from South-East Asia.” Charles, Year 13