Spurred by our plastic arts teacher (Ms. Tanivill), students from grade 9 to 11 took part in a drawing contest organised by PCORE, a citizen-based movement aimed at fighting against discriminations between peoples, and promoting peace.

Our students were invited to attend the prizes ceremony today in Galeri Seni Malaya University in the presence of YB Gobind Singh Deo, Minister of communication and multimedia.

Congratulations to Nour El Keraby and Avalon Dale François, two of our students who received a prize, each in their category!

Thanks to the PCORE contest, « The Star », the local newspaper, featured an article about Nour El Keraby, a 10th grader from LFKL, explaining how she got her inspiration and how the idea for her work first came to her.

Once again: huge cheers for our two finalists!