On Wednesday morning, LFKL celebrated Hari Raya!

Children and adults wore traditional outfits to watch and take part in Malay dances alongside professional dancers.

Well done to the 6e, 5e, 4e and 3e pupils and to Ms Tanivill (art teacher) for their magnificent Hari Raya painting!
Ines, Kai Xin, Juliette, Anaelle, Penelope, Nour (4e)
Artthur, Delia (3e)
Leah, Chandrika, Elsa, Marine (5e)
Sahra (6e)

Many thanks to Zie Othman, Dyana and the School Life office (Nadiah, Natasya, Yasmine) for organising this event and to Suria for her involvement.