Last week, our 2nde students and 3e pupils came together to help the Exodus road association which fights against slavery and human abuse.

Project initiators Eva Jade Denoun, Lucie Quentin, Stanislas Jubault, Céleste Dehondt and Min-Jee Le Roux participated in the 24-hour race which took place in Kuala Lumpur on November 24th and 25th and gathered hundreds of young students for this humanitarian cause.
Pupils and students Amine Arfaoui, Félix Kirsch, Neyla Belhaouas, Maud Cheyron, Hemesh Ujoodha, Anthony Francois, Christopher Le Bot, Pierre-Louis Morin, Aziz Arfaoui and Charles De Soultrait split into 3 teams.
Among our participants, Aziz Arfaoui received a bronze medal for the quickest lap and Charles De Soultrait placed 6th in the overall ranking for the number of laps done by the boys.
Each year, this race mobilises over 200 schools and gathers more than 10,000 participants worldwide, which led to donations of over 9 million dollars the previous years.

Within this project, the pupils and students also organised a bake sale at LFKL, which helped raise their schoolmates’ awareness on slavery and collect RM418 for the association.

Well done to our pupils and students for this beautiful united, sport and humanitarian action!