On Saturday, June 15th, children young and old gathered at school to share one last friendly morning before going on holiday.

This marked yet another chance for children and parents to participate in many games, shows and activities while enjoying food and drinks and a flea market!

Many thanks to the APEKL, Mrs Sophie Costes and Mrs Olivia Prost who organised this year’s school party!

Many little chefs had also registered to the pizza workshop offered by SHF.
The children learnt how to make a margherita pizza: they rolled the dough out using a rolling pin and some flour, then added the ingredients they had picked (tomato sauce, cheese, herbs). Once the pizzas were baked, the children enjoyed eating their creations.

The children were delighted to do this playful and tasteful activity which was a big success among the youngest ones -no doubt the SHF mascot, who was given loads of attention, contributed to it!