Salve lector!

This winter, Latinists from LFKL celebrated together the Saturnalias. These were popular revelries taking place around the Winter solstice in honour of Saturn, the god of sowing, in the hope of benefitting from plentiful harvests the next year.

During Saturnalias, the hierarchical order and the usual logic prevailing between men was turned upside down provisionally in a manner of parody. The power enjoyed by masters over slaves was suspended. Slaves had a right to speak and act without constraint, they were free to rant at their masters for their defects, play against them and make them serve as if they were the slaves of their own slaves. Courts and schools were on holidays and executions were prohibited. Work stopped and lavish meals were offered. We did not apply this last principle in LFKL, nevertheless, we still managed to organise popular festivities.

We played a board game designed by the 10th graders and aptly called “Aenigmata”. The goal is to enter the Senate as soon as possible by answering the questions asked by the judges. Participants of different proficiency levels lent a helping hand to one another and the battle was of epic proportions.

The Stellassimi team finally won!

And, as the saying goes: “after effort comes comfort!”
A generous banquet courtesy of Latin-learning pupils took place. Dishes were sampled and appraised by 13th graders and various prizes were distributed. It was all delicious and we all indulged. Everybody especially revelled in the “Schwepsus frigidissimus”!

Such a nice afternoon! A fantastic atmosphere and a time of exchange between pupils second to none. Latinists address their warm thanks to Magistra Serreau for her organisation of this celebration, and to Alexia Hennaut for the pictures.

Gratias tibi valde!

The Latin-learning 13th graders