Mel Zavattin, Terminale ES

  • When did you come to LFKL?

I came to LFKL on April 4th, 2010.

  • Generally speaking, what do you think about LFKL (school classes, teachers, activities/projects, environment)?

When I think about LFKL, the first word that comes to me is “fulfilment”. LFKL is in truth an attractive and original school as much for its diversity as for its ability to offer each student the chance to get involved in various educational projects in several areas they are passionate about, such as sports (Asian Cup) or social events (Green Celebration and other charity projects). However, these projects wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for the consistent participation and commitment of each teacher and because of this, I would say this is a quality school where you can find teachers who are always listening to and ready to help you. It’s a chance for us to be able to count on them as they drive the academic achievement within LFKL. The classes are very high quality, but you need to be really attentive and hard-working as the level is higher than in most schools, which is why I advise each student not to overlook any subject.

  • What do you like the most about LFKL?

What I like the most about LFKL is its community. Indeed, I think the teachers and students are the pillars of this school. Each student has a story to tell and each teacher is ready to help us.

  • If you had to describe LFKL in just a few words?

– Original;
– Welcoming;
– Warm;
– Pleasant.

  • What have you learnt? What challenges did you face?

During my years in LFKL, I’ve learnt to have an open mind and take a step back as well as to become mature. In Malaysia, we have an opportunity to get to know and live among new cultures and religions. Nonetheless, moving countries and changing lives require sacrifices; when I moved I did face difficulties giving up my old life and blending in a new school, even though now I notice that this move was the best decision my parents ever made.

  • What are your favourite subjects and why?

My favourite subjects are economics and social sciences, philosophy, history-geography and English.
Economics and social sciences are an exciting subject which helps me understand our economy as well as a society’s standards and values better.
Philosophy is an extremely interesting subject pushing me to wonder and deep-think about legitimate and fundamental issues, allowing me for instance to understand how and why does man act a certain way in society and/or in their own life.
– I’ve always liked history-geography; I find it fascinating to understand how our society and lives have evolves over centuries and how we can contribute to that evolution in years to come.
English is an international language and therefore, it helps me communicate easily with more people from different backgrounds.

  • What is your best memory of LFKL?

The basketball competition (Asian Cup) organised at LFS (Lycée Français de Shanghai) still is my best memory of LFKL. Through taking part in this competition, I had the chance to meet new students and a new culture. This sort of event has been, for me, an opportunity to come even more out of my comfort zone and enjoy 3 extraordinary days in the company of incredible people.