Students were highly enthusiastic last weekend at the international school of Mount Kiara. 19 international schools from all over Asia, including 12 students from the LFKL, were conversing in English on diverse and complex topics on an intense level.
Students had to debate on the following subjects: the reduction of nuclear weapons in the world, the safeguarding of the marine ecosystem in Oceania, the economy of Egypt, the rise of religious extremism … A program that kept them focused and busy.
Luckily, all of these topics had been prepared through intensive researches for it to be resolved during the conference by our students and delegates.

This year, in each committees (environment, human rights, disarmament, general assembly, economic and social council) students had to represent the situation of two countries; Jordan and Malaysia.

After the official opening ceremony, our students joined their respective committee gathering 20 delegates from other countries.

They first presented themselves and then brainstormed in small groups to find solutions and resolves to conclude upon. Later on, they submitted their ideas and perspectives to all members of the committee.
They amended their text accordingly and presented it to the Committee for a final decision.

The conference was animated by the different debates. Students from each group defended, amended and omitted clauses that were dividing the states. To conclude the conference, they had to vote for or against the suggested resolutions.|
To commemorate their hard work and success, students were reunited again for a talent show entertainment night on Saturday.

Even though students had to follow the protocol of an official debate against another, every representatives shared their interest and enthusiasm during the conference that created a pleasant atmosphere.
Finally, these young students have shown strong and remarkable interest in offering solutions and resolve for a better tomorrow.

Murielle Rialt and Lynda Taylor
We would like to congratulate Neyla in 3ème B who kindly replaced Kilian on a short notice with much enthusiasm throughout the weekend. She also knew how to spontaneously guide the younger ones.
Thanks Neyla!