Personalised mentoring is one of the priorities of Lycée Français de Kuala Lumpur.

The Parcours de découverte des métiers et des formations (PDMF – Discovery of professions and study courses plan) starts as soon as 5e up until Terminale. During this time, various activities are offered to students, parents and educational teams. The aim is to help students review their interests, motivations, capacities and ambitions by providing them adapted information, to help them integrate universities and find their future professional path. In high school, the focus is on what happens after the baccalauréat to prepare students to successful studies.

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To each level its discoveries
Documentation available

5eme : Professions discovery stage

The pupils discover professions and their characteristics, research them and discuss through workshops and productions.

4eme : Study courses discovery stage

Discovering the training courses aims at familiarising each pupil with the various study courses while linking them to the professions. Project-making workshops take place in each class.

3eme : Project stage

The 3e class is an academic choice threshold. The pupils and their families have to face their first choice upon entering upper secondary school. Several activities are offered all year long:

  • Introduction to the study courses available from Seconde onwards
  • Self-knowledge workshops
  • Choosing exploration classes
  • First individual interviews

Brevet national examination and first speaking exams

2nde : Beginning of active academic choice

This is the defining class. The students must make their first academic choices in view of the Première-Terminale cycle and design a first academic choice and study project. To help them, they will participate in various activities, especially the discovery of the corporate world through an internship week.

  • Discovery internship week in February
  • Workshops: personal statement, resume, presentation, self-awareness, etc.
  • Individual interviews
  • Mini-defence of the internship report
  • Introduction to the baccalauréat course options and higher studies
  • Choosing the exploration classes
  • Registration to Agora, the AEFE students’ website

Days of exchanging on professions


1ere : active academic choice

Following the actions taken in Seconde, the students will have to think about their choice of study course and determine their higher studies wishes. To do so, several activities are offered:

  • Class workshops: self-knowledge, professional interests questionnaire, study course simulation, reflecting on the subjects studies, etc.
  • Individual interviews
  • Days of exchanging on professions
  • Recruitment interviews simulation
  • Introduction to higher studies in France and some destinations abroad
  • Choosing subjects of specialisation in Terminale

First part of the baccalauréat examination

Terminale : Post baccalauréat academic choice

This last stage prepares for higher studies. All year long, the educational team offer the students various actions to mentor them into integrating higher studies and succeeding at them.

  • Individual interviews
  • Workshops: how to define one’s choice, personal statement, resume
  • Recruitment interviews simulation
  • Preparation to school interviews
  • Introduction to professions day
  • Discovery of a university
  • External speakers: jobs, schools, study courses.
  • APB – Admission Post Bac – Introduction to the procedure to access higher studies in France
  • Introduction to higher studies in France and abroad
  • Baccalauréat examination

See the Studying in France and Studying abroad sections

For parents: All-year-round welcome
  • A lecture is organised at every level in view of the academic choice at the next level
  • And naturally, for parents whose child is in Terminale, an introduction to higher studies in France and abroad and to the APB (Admission Post Bac) procedure
  • External speakers: jobs, schools, study courses, etc.
  • Interviews with parents and joint interviews with parents and students to determine the choices and making the application files
Structure of higher education in France
What studies after what Bac

Former sections “Science”, “Litterature” and “Economical Science” have been replaced by new “Speciality courses”, allowing students to choose new subjects (such as Arts, Sports, History-Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science; Human Sciences, Literature and Philosophy; Digital Technology and Computer Science; Foreign Languages, Literatures and Civilisations (English); Mathematics; Physics-Chemistry; Earth and Life Sciences; Economic and Social Sciences) to customize their curriculum.

These new options are offered in most French schools abroad. In some schools, it is or will also be possible to prepare the international baccalauréat (IB) or binational baccalauréat such as the Abibac (or French-German baccalauréat), the Bachibac (French-Spanish), the Esabac (French-Italian) or the French-American baccalauréat. Besides, baccalauréat candidates coming from European or Oriental language courses (SELO) may have the “European course” or “Oriental Language course” mention appearing on their diploma.

The technological and vocational study courses, equally interesting, are offered in some French schools abroad and everywhere in France (metropolis and overseas territories).

What to do after each Bac: see the ONISEP leaflets

How to register

Many registrations to higher education in France are done through the Parcoursup –Admission Post Bac– procedure; some are done directly with the school, through an application file or a competitive entrance exam.

The school offers an orientation support throughout the procedure, from December to August, with the help of the head teachers, the Principal and the PRIO (information and guidance resource counselor).

All you need to know to prepare and succeed in your going into higher education

List of study courses types:

  • The BTS (advanced technical diploma)
  • The BTSA (advanced agricultural technical diploma)
  • The CPES (intensive foundation course)
  • The CPGE (intensive foundation course for Grandes Ecoles)
  • The DCG (accounting and management diploma)
  • The DEUST (University scientific and technical studies diploma)
  • The DMA (art professions diploma)
  • The DUT (university technical diploma)
  • The National Higher Institutions of Architecture
  • The Engineering courses
  • The 1st year of Bachelor (at university)
  • The 1st common years to the health studies (PACES)
  • The MAN (bridging course in hospitality)
  • The MAN AA (bridging course in applied arts)

Outside APB:

  • Dauphine University
  • Business schools accessible after the Bac
  • Schools of engineering accessible after the Bac
  • IEP (Institutes of Political Sciences)
  • Art schools
  • Paramedical and social schools

Private independent (i.e. not under contract with the government) courses

Obtenir une bourse

The Agency for French Education Abroad: www.aefe.fr/orientation

Education in France :
Orientation websites :

AGORA is a website used for students, alumni and educational teams of French schools in Asia-Pacific and Near East – Middle East – Indian Peninsula. 

The purpose of AGORA is to gather important education information to guide alumni and future alumni of French schools in Asia-Pacific and Middle East – Middle East – Indian Peninsula areas.