Elisabeth Mahmoud, Canadian family
1. Why did you choose the LFKL?

Having attended a french school while growing up in Quebec, it was very important for me that my children, I have 4, 2 of which attend LFKL, be fluent in French. It was important that they could communicate with their family in Quebec and it is my belief that in order to learn a language and become bilingual, one must be fully immersed in it.

2. Does your child enjoy being at the LFKL?

The children do enjoy attending LFKL. Their teachers in GS, MS and CP have been very kind.

3. Do you feel like your child is changing and growing in the LFKL? If so, How?

They have a very sweet French accent. Which is different from Quebecois!

But in all seriousness, they are becoming more independent.

4. What is the most positive thing about the LFKL?

The teachers have been absolutely wonderful.

5. Do you and your child have some special memories to share about the school, class and activity?

I had the pleasure of making my daughter’s class costumes for their GS spectacle last year. I made 12 skirts and  11 belts. Each skirt had 5 layers of tulle white and blue tulle. They all turned out very well!