Hande Burnaz – Turkish family
1. Why did you choose the LFKL?

We chose LFKL for 3 reasons:
First, our expatriation started in France and our children started their education in a French school.
Secondly, we wanted our children to learn a foreign language other than English.
Finally, we know that we can find a French school of the same network almost in every big city having the same educational quality bearing in mind that this is the most important thing for a family having an expat lifestyle.

2. Does your child enjoy being at the LFKL?

Yes, they are enjoying and as their French is improving, they are enjoying it more.

3. Do you feel like your child is changing and growing in the LFKL? If so, How?

Yes, they are becoming self-confident, multicultural children.

4. What is the most positive thing about the LFKL?

The teachers in LFKL are experienced with the children whose mother language is not French. They are also providing extra support if necessary

5. Do you and your child have some special memories to share about the school, class and activity?

In KL, we celebrated many festive days in the school. Every time the children are very excited to wear the costumes and to watch shows being held in the school. For example, they were very impressed by the Lion Dance that has been performed in the school.