The LFKL youngsters were invited by the KL Tigers rugby club to play a game last Saturday morning. Around 18 players from the school were present to defend its colours. After spending an hour doing exercises and a touch game came the time for confrontation with a contact game.

The least we can say is that LFKL made the young U10 Tigers work for it, despite the latter being back from Asia’s most prestigious tournament in Singapore two short weeks ago.

Our youngsters scored many tries thanks to quick passes to outside players and, more importantly, some quick freeing of the ball in rucks. The girls – Léa, Milla, Alicia, Céleste, Shylla and Ananya- particularly distinguished themselves with their great courage and performances. We were also congratulated by the opposition coaches who were surprised by the quality of our teams’ game, which is a nice acknowledgement of the work done at training on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the ECA.

No doubt this experience will be followed by others and actually, we have been invited to play again by the Tigers. Let’s hope for our young pupils to gain more experience so they can succeed just as well in the tournaments we will have the opportunity to play next year.

Last, I wish to personally thank the parents who attended the game despite the distance and early hour. Your encouragements and support greatly contributed to the kids’ performance.

Stephen Michel