Sarah Rost, Terminale S

I came to Malaysia 3 years ago; I was in 3e at the time and it was my first expatriation. I was also coming from a French school abroad.
I was a little nervous about moving because I wasn’t coming at all from an expatriate background but on arrival, I was welcomed by two girlfriends who helped me a lot at the start of the school year.
After two months at LFKL I already fit in well. I received a very gracious welcome and since the school is small compared to others, everybody knows each other and blends easily.
Thanks to the various sports competitions organised in the area, we meet many students from different French schools in Asia, which helps new people create benchmarks and meet faces which become more and more familiar (friends of friends).
The class headcount is also a huge advantage: we can learn in a more individual way and ask more questions, and the teachers take time to explain what we don’t understand. Benefitting from a good follow-up is very useful, especially when we have to work on our TPS (individual supervised work).
In 1ère, we had to prepare analytic readings to practise for the French exam of the baccalauréat. Our teacher asked us questions individually on each reading, allowing all students to take note of the teacher’s comments and thus, we were much better prepared for the exam we were to sit.
Our relationship to our teachers is very different than that in other schools; some have been teaching us for several years and know us very well. When we go on a field trip, it often feels like we’re going as a family, it’s always very convivial.
More than our school difficulties, they know our personalities and can therefore discuss them with our parents.

In 2nde, I created the first LFKL newspaper, the digital newspaper “Kractère”, with the help of our French teacher. The goal was to make a periodical meant for the students, while also enabling them to share and write articles on topics close to their hearts.
I couldn’t have carried out this project in my old school and so, I’m glad I could do it here and that the students like it. I hope that future students will take the helm!