As a follow-up of the CNY celebrations in LFKL, on Thursday 13 February, 10th and 11th graders studying Chinese as a second or even third language organised a culinary outing in the FU CHENG restaurant in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

This restaurant offers specialties from the Dong-Bei region (North-East of China).

Students interviewed the Chef, Ms Wang, about her job and career path; her reasons for migrating to Malaysia, as well as her passion for the local cuisine.

They were invited to cook their own Jiaozi (Chinese raviolis). This delicacy is well appreciated by Northern Chinese, especially around New Year’s day, for their shape is reminiscent of that of gold bullions, symbols of good fortune.

After the cooking of the meal came the long awaited-for moment for our Chinese-learning students… tasting time! The restaurant’s Chef also made them discover other specialties from the region, with flavours and textures sometimes surprising although both delicate and delicious!

Youths from LFKL enjoyed the food and the whole outing organised by Ms Calvet and Ms LYE CHOOI YEE. They thank them profusely and suggest to repeat it every month!

Grégory Marin, chaperone during the outing.