Different teams of 12th graders in the “Sciences of Life & Earth” curriculum competed on 07/10 to solve puzzles about concepts of genetics.

It took the winning team only 55 of the 90 minutes allowed to solve the 7 riddles!

This fun-filled activity was much appreciated for it provided the pupils with an alternative manner of learning about “translation” (a major step of protein synthesis in our cells).

What was the prize? Well… some LFKL masks for everybody!

Read about our pupils’ experience here:

Team 1 -1ère SPE SVT – Opinions about the escape game: « Translation » in genetics 

Translation of RNA in amino acids proceeds through a specific coding of nucleotides triplets. We discovered through several puzzles that a PEPTIDE is a polymer of amino acids linked together by peptide bonds.

In the course of this escape game, we managed, thanks to a strong team spirit, to establish links between things we already knew. Each one of us had a specific role to play, which enabled us to reach the final goal.



Team 2 -1ère SPE SVT – Opinions about the escape game: « Translation » in genetics 

According to our common opinion, this group-work allowed us to learn new concepts or, at least, provided us with an introduction to a new part of the programme; at the same time, we had to use our previously acquired knowledge to solve the problems submitted to us. Nevertheless, we would like to present some comments about the commitment of the whole group:

-Only part of the group actively took part in the escape game (approximately half of its members)

-The other half just killed time without really understanding how the problems would have to be solved.

We therefore would like to suggest making smaller groups, from now on, so that all members may be able to share in a collective thought process likely to benefit everybody, at an academic, intellectual and social level.

Yannick-Jovan-Antoine-Elise-Sophy-Jeanne-Léo wei 


Team 1 -1ère SPE SVT G2 – Opinions about the escape game: « Translation » in genetics 

Today, we did an escape game about “Translation”.

This was a very interesting and enlightening activity; it enabled us to better understand what we were aiming at in this chapter.

Our problem was that we were not organised enough; we wanted to go too fast, which is why we did not listen to each other sufficiently.

We would very much like to repeat an activity of this kind.



Team 2 -1ère SPE G2 SVT – Opinions about the escape game: « Translation » in genetics 

Our group of 5 pupils is of the same opinion regarding the escape game proposed by Ms. Bouchard.

We consider that this way of working; i.e. trying to solve puzzles in teams under pressure, within a limited time frame, as a good opportunity to learn in a fun manner, bringing a welcome change to our daily routine.

Nevertheless, our competitive spirit was at times at risk of overshadowing our learning process. It would therefore be a good idea to draw a conclusion after each puzzle so as to keep track of the knowledge acquired.

Notwithstanding, we are of the opinion that 5 was a good number for a group: it made the distribution of tasks easier, and at the same time, the atmosphere was pleasant enough, with a wide range of ideas expressed.

To conclude, we would like to thank Ms. Bouchard for her time and efforts.

We should definitely repeat it!

Délia, Arthur, Lucas, Cloé and Alba.