Following this opening speech, we split between the various committees and the press. There were five committes:

–  the economic committee, which Calvin Guillemet and Luca Pascal joined;

–  the special and decolonisation policy committee which included Maya Rober, Charles De Soultrait and Sophie Rost;

– the security committee with Jéremy Chabriel and Alexandre Le Roux;

– the environmental committee including Alizée Millot, Sami Marcelino, Christopher Le Bot and Razzyn Rafeedy;

– the human rights committee with Ariane Perrin;

– and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) which, for the first time, none of our students joined.

As for Maxime Grenier, Sarah Rost, Neyla Belhaouas and Garance Epifanic, they were part of the press.

But what is SIMUN? The Singapore International Model United Nations, giving young people an opportunity to take a closer interest in the issues the United Nations Organisation faces and, why not, to join it once they have completed their studies.

All day long during breaks, each person had a chance to discuss with and learn more about other students as well as about the school’s various campuses. At noon, we met our friends for lunch before going back to our respective committees.

The following day was dedicated to the resolutions, i.e. trying to find solutions to the various issues through the implementation of economic and social policies, etc.

Finally, we had a quieter last day. The time had come to say goodbyes, listen to Léo and Emily’s closing speech as well as to each committee “chairman”, the press and the administration.

A summary video of these three days made by Louis Domart was shown during the closing buffet which gathered everybody.

We thus hit the road again and, sadly, were stuck in traffic. After seven hours and going through customs, we ate and went back to the bus for another four hours.

To conclude, these three days were a successful experience for the entire group. Most of its members are therefore eagerly waiting to go back next year and join a different committee, so as to broaden their experience even further.