“Hier et aujourd’hui” (“Yesterday and today”) is an audio show made by pupils in Year 12 and Year 13 who chose the “drama” optional course in LFKL – that is to say, by us.

A new lockdown? No problem, we’ve had time to adjust and are now proud to present you a show that may provoke a clash of generations. Let’s immerse ourselves in our genealogy!

Using drama as an art form, we will set on stage dialogues highlighting conflicts, revelations, learning and sharing… From Antigone to Incendie, let’s explore the topic of authoritarian relations between parents and children, families’ heirlooms and, with Sirènes, our emotions when faced with the loss of someone dear, not forgetting exchanges between a grand-father and his grand-son in Je marche dans la nuit par un chemin mauvais.

Put on your headset to understand how the past influences the present and enjoy the show!

Ms Mattei, French teacher