On Monday October 14th, LFKL was pleased to welcome 19 students from André Maurois high school in Elbeuf.
Bearers of an artistic and humanitarian project, they performed, for the benefit of 7th to 13th graders, a show with speeches and dances on the subject of teenagehood and the search for one’s identity.

Families of LFKL’s students hosted their French counterparts the preceding week-end, providing our guests with an opportunity to have a taste of Malaysian culture.

Kindergarteners attended an adapted version of the show followed by workshops animated by the French high school students.

The 9th graders A had a chance to attend with Ms. Macquet a more specific workshop based on a choreography accompanied by read out loud texts.

Moreover, the students from Elbeuf organised a free musical promenade in the hallways of primary school premises: it was the first time LFKL students could hear a polyphonic song from Jordan.

The day ended with a gift of materials to the association “Coup de Pouce” (“helping hand”).

The French students’ itinerary will take them to other international schools in different parts of Malaysia.

A great day for LFKL, full of wonderful encounters!