新春快乐 ! Happy Spring Festival!

A daytrip was organised to 东禅寺 (Dong Zen Temple) during the Chinese New Year festivities for the 6e pupils who started learning Chinese.
We were warmly welcomed by the members of the Buddhist association and 师傅(“masters”, i.e. Buddhist monks or nuns) of the temple.

Our programme included:
1. Learning about Buddhism 佛教 and its practices, particularly meditation 禅

2. Discovering Buddha’s life as depicted on the bronze frescoes in the main room, “大雄宝殿

3. Visiting the history museum of the Fo Guang Shan order and of the temple.

4. Practising calligraphy in the teaching room.
5. Visiting the art galleries, particularly the exhibitions on bronze sculpture, Chinese minorities’ outfits and Master Xing Yun’s calligraphy.

6. Strolling in the orchid garden to admire the numerous lanterns made by Buddhists in celebration of the year of the pig

This was a day full of discovery and lovely experiences for our young learners, who were in awe of the richness of the Chinese culture!

Dong Mei Bu Calvet and Chooi Yee Lye