Learning environment:

What is the student and teacher ratio at the school?

The LFKL currently gathers 640 students from 55 different nationalities. Our classes are given by 70 qualified teachers attached to the Ministry of National Education and by professional English teachers.

There are 20 to 25 students per class in kindergarten and in elementary school. In kindergarten, a French teacher, an English teacher (present half of the time) and an assistant supervise each class. In elementary school, the English teacher is present 1/3rd of the time.

What are our school hours?

Kindergarten and primary school students start school every day at 8.00am and finish at 2.30pmexcept for Wednesdays; children finish school at 12pm.Kindergarten students have a total 26 hours of classes per week. Primary school students also have 26 hours of classes and extra hours for their extracurricular activities during the week.

The secondary and high school students’ timetable varies according to their languages options and extracurricular activities. They usually start school at 8.00am and finish school around 5.20pm or 6.20pm.

Students all follow the French school education calendar starting in September and ending in June (7 weeks of classes followed by 2 weeks of holidays):
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Are there uniforms required for the children?

The school does not require any uniform; however, students are advised to follow a decent dress code as per the school rules and regulations:
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Which curriculum does the LFKL follows?

The school follows a French curriculum from the kindergarten stage up to high school. Our students have to pass the French DNB (Diplôme National du Brevet – equivalent to O-Levels) and the French Baccalaureate that is equivalent to A-Levels.

Every French school around the world follows the same education program based on common core of knowledge and skills.

We welcome students of other nationalities and from other cultural origins by providing personalized pedagogic teaching to accompany them in their learning and schooling.

We offer a multilingual education starting from the kindergarten stage; students have the opportunity to learn two languages (English and French) and later on in secondary school: German, Spanish, Mandarin and Bahasa.

The LFKL takes into account the diversity of its students and offers a curriculum adapted throughout their schooling. Foreign languages are taught from the kindergarten stage through educational activities by group levels.

In secondary school, English classes are divided into two levels: ESL (English as a Second Language) and ELA (English Language Arts) according to each student’s language proficiency. English teachers follow the Cambridge program, allowing students (from CM2, 3ème and 1ère) to take language exams every year and receive international language certifications such as the Cambridge exams in CM2 and the IELTS.

What option do students have after the French Baccalaureate?

The French Baccalaureate is recognized in most countries abroad. The French school is part of the AEFE (Agency of the French Ministry of Education that oversees French schools abroad), a global network of 500 schools in 137 countries around the world.

After graduating, our students could apply for international universities and private schools abroad. Last year, 45% of our Alumni started studying in Canada, UK, Holland, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia and Lebanon, in reputable universities such as Mc Gill, HEC Montréal and Taylors University.

55% of our Alumni also joined prestigious schools such as IESEG, EDHEC, CPGE MP Sainte Genevieve, in France (in Paris, Nantes, Rouen, Lille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Montpellier, Le Mans and Besançon).
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We are a monolingual family, is the bilingual education for my children?

Our results show that with appropriate support, monolingual children can become successful bilingual students. Your children need to understand why you chose to enrolled them in the school. It is important to show them the interest you have for other languages and take part into cultural events in the same language.

If you are an English speaking family, creating time outside school for your children to learn and practice French (at the Alliance Française for example) is a great way to start. It is advisable for parents to get involved in French or English too, to show their children they participate in their bilingual environment.

Our child has special needs; can we enroll him/her at the LFKL?

Yes, we welcome all children in our school. The school has specialized teachers to take care of children with special developmental and learning needs. They provide suitable assistance and support during classes.

If you have any specific concern about your child, you are required to let us know before the enrolment to ensure that the demand is suitable and the best option for your child.

School Enrolment:

What is the LFKL enrolment process?

For non-French-speakers, we advise you to request an appointment to meet the Primary Director before applying for the school. Kindly contact our secretary to schedule a meeting by email to: secretariat@lfkl.edu.my

You could then register online under the admissions section and send the required documents:
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When can my children start school? What are the possible enrolments?

Children could start school anytime during the year but it is preferable for students to start school in September.

Primary school students from year 1 (CP) not coming from the French educational system that would like to join the school anytime during the year will have to go through an admission test.

Secondary and high school students start school in September; however, other intakes are possible during the year if there are still availabilities.

Do our children need a visa to enter the school?

Yes, all foreign and French students (only Permanent Residents of Malaysia or holders of the Residence Pass are exempted) are required to have either a valid Student Pass or a valid Permission to study endorsement while studying at the LFKL.

In the absence of such a valid Student Pass or Permission to study endorsement, students who are involved in school trips outside Malaysia without parents accompanying them can face problems at the immigration points of exit/entry.

Students who do not have a Dependent Pass/MM2H/Resident Pass, but hold a Social Visit Pass, are required to apply for a Student Pass. Prior to this application, the LFKL HR office will submit the necessary documents to the Ministry of Education (MOE), Malaysia to obtain the “Letter of support” for the Student Pass application.

Can my child receive a French-language education if he/she does not know how to speak French or English?

Yes, depending on his or her age. Anybody can submit an application to our French school. This request will be reviewed by an admission test after the kindergarten stage. Our aim is to identify your child’s needs.

Special measures are implemented by school to assist both the learner, his or her family to better integrate the community, and make sure students meet with success at school.

Can Malaysian students be enroled in the French School ?

For Malaysian students to start school at the LFKL, their school applications must be validated by the MOE first.

The school will be sending the family the MOE form that will have to be filled in Bahasa, once the form has been completed by the family, the school will send it over to the MOE.

School Service:

Does the LFKL provide a bus service?

Yes, the school offers transportation from home to school in the morning and from the school to home every day.

Our buses covers the following areas: Ampang, KL City Center, Mont Kiara, Desa Park City, Sri Hartamas, Bangsar, Damansara, Bukit Tunku and T.T.D.I.
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Is lunch provided by the school?

Yes, the canteen is mandatory for kindergarten, primary school and middle school.

The school offers two different lunch meals (Asian or Western) every day except on Wednesday for children from kindergarten to high school (optional).

Allergies are taken into account. In respect of the local custom, the food served is halal.
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Does the LFKL offer extra-curricular activities?

Yes, the school offers a variety of sports, cultural and artistic activities every day of the week.

Kindergarten children could also attend daycare every day after school until 4.30 pm (except on Wednesday).

Students from primary school (CP to CM2) could take part in homework support every day after school until 4.30pm (except on Wednesday).
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Here is a list of interesting tools that will help your child learn French (tested and approved)

Books and magazines (subscription)
Interesting Applications and pedagogical software:
1- Fun exercices for grammar
2- French grammar dictionnary
1- French news for children
2- Fantastic: Discover French monuments via 16 visits online
3. French Ministry of culture for juniors: discover French history of art, history with fun activities or more serious workshops.