Mrs Calvet, secondary school Mandarin teacher

Mrs Calvet, secondary school Mandarin teacher

  • How long have you been teaching at LFKL?


I started in September 2015, so that’s 4 years now.


  • Why choose to teach at LFKL?


After having taught Chinese in France for 15 years, I felt the wish to evolve in my teaching practices, by being confronted to students with more diverse profiles. In Malaysia, part of the local population speaks Chinese, so it was possible for me to use teaching strategies better adapted to the students here. Their reaction was quite enthusiastic, thanks to their daily exposure to this language, here, in their country.

I was also motivated by the opportunity to work as a trainer. That was indeed part of the job description when I applied for my current post. Sharing my knowledge with my Chinese colleagues who do not speak French has been quite an enriching experience for me.



  • What do you like about your job?


Human contact and feeling satisfied when the job’s been properly done.

Students’ progresses and excellent results at the exams are true rewards for us teachers.



  • Is there a personal story you feel like sharing about LFKL? Could you tell us of a project you’ve been involved in?


I think the dinner we share once a year at a Chinese restaurant with 11th and 12th graders will be fondly remembered by all of us.

Once every year, shortly before Chinese New year, we go to one of the restaurants held in Kuala Lumpur by « mainland Chinese », whose cooking style sensibly differs from that of Malaysian Chinese. Students make a coverage-style interview of the staff. They get hands-on in preparing a typical dish and, of course, in the end, sit to enjoy the fruit of their efforts.

I have the fondest memories of these exchange moments between students and cooks, in a sometimes approximate Chinese, not to mention laughing out loud at the sight of deformed ravioli not looking even remotely like the ones provided as models by the Chef …



我脑海里留下了不少美好的回忆,比如他们和厨师们用不太娴熟的汉语总归还是达到了交流的目的,还有他们做的 « 四不像 »的饺子有时会把厨师们笑的前仰后合。

  • What are the LFKL’s strengths?


LFKL is a human scale teaching institution, not a « factory » where it would be impossible to get to know everybody. Neither does it feel like inside of a too small family, the possibilities of which you soon exhaust, leaving you utterly bored, with nobody to befriend.

Solidarity is quite strong here, all teams are closely knit, be they made up of young people or people who are not that young anymore. Nobody’s left aside; it makes it easier for new comers to find their place, and accounts for a pleasant working and learning atmosphere.



  • How would you define the LFKL students?


On the whole, they are quite nice and cooperative. Most often, they are enthusiastic and full of good initiatives. Since kids and grow ups here trust each other, it seems to me students work cheerfully without too much stress, even during exams, which helps them perform better…

What do I expect? May they remain as they are, enthusiastic and cheerful; it’s such a pleasure to see their proud smiles once they’ve managed to deliver a good performance!


至于我对他们的期望嘛,就是一如既往,保持他们的热情和这种好的心态 ! 每次看到他们因为成功完成了一项学习任务而自豪的微笑,那就是让我最愉悦的事情!