Mrs Fernandez, secondary school Spanish teacher

Mrs Fernandez, secondary school Spanish teacher

  • How long have you been teaching at LFKL?

I’ve been here for 5 years.

  • Why choose to teach at LFKL?

My children were schooled in LFKL and I liked it that foreign languages were considered so important here. I had the opportunity to join the English teaching team first, and then to teach Spanish, later on.

  • What do you like about your job?

It’s highly motivating to help students learn to communicate in other languages. I appreciate a lot to share my knowledge, not only about languages but about cultures as well.

Working with young people is something I perceive as highly positive. As a teacher, you learn from your students on a daily basis!

  • Any personal story you wish to share about LFKL? Some project you’ve been involved in?

Once every year, I try to bring my Spanish students to a show in Spanish, generally a play or a dance show. This gives them a new perspective on Spanish language and culture, outside of the classroom.

  • How would you define LFKL?

LFKL only has a small number of students, even if the countries they come from are so many and so diverse. There are only few of them in each class, which is an asset from a pedagogical point of view, especially when it comes to teaching languages.

The academic staff sets up many projects outside of regular programmes, improving interactions between students and their environment.

Parents also have a strong implication in school life, so that they get on well with the teaching staff.

  • How would you define the LFKL students?

They form a quite heterogeneous group but, on the whole, they are good students. They respect their teachers and are highly committed to group projects.

It is important that students always strive their best, get committed and aim at more than the minimum required. I expect them not to be afraid of speaking foreign languages and try to make the most of any opportunity to communicate.