Congratulations to Aya Bouhsissin, one of our 13th graders in Scientific section, who’s been selected for the AEFE “Major excellence” scholarship and who’s about to attend Medical faculty in Lyon!

Read more about her life experience and the challenges lying ahead for her!

1. How long have you been a pupil of LFKL?

I only registered last year, so I just did 13th grade in LFKL. My classmates immediately accepted me as if I had been there for much longer. Before that, I was schooled in the “Lycée Descartes” in Rabat.

2. Why did you choose this faculty and this city?  Do you already have an idea of the kind of occupation you could aim at, once you’ll have completed your higher studies? What kind of specialty would you like to be trained in?

I chose to study in Lyon, in one of the city’s two medical faculties. I would like to become a medical doctor. Healing and helping others has been my dream since I was very small.

3. What are the optional courses and the subjects you’re going to study?

I will follow a “PASS” (Specific Access Health Training Course), that is to say a first year of medical studies. Which means I shall study anatomy, biophysics, biochemistry… Apart from that, I chose “psychology” as an option.

4. What did LFKL bring you?

In addition to the academic knowledge they gave us access to, teachers here allowed me to gain in confidence. They are paying great attention to us and help us as soon as we feel the need for assistance. Since, in Scientific section, we were not that many (only 25 pupils in my class), our teachers took the time to help, and adapt to, everyone’s specific pace of learning. Given the small number of pupils in the whole school, the pedagogical team can follow each of us individually. Teachers highlight our strengths and help us develop them fully.

I sincerely consider having been schooled in LFKL as a chance for me. The pedagogical team advised me and helped me all along the year. I’m afraid that in bigger schools pupils do not benefit from such a good follow-up. This enabled me to prepare well for my application and the administrative procedures related to the grant of my scholarship.

5. According to you, what are the challenges you’ll have to face, the changes you’re about to meet and experience?

First of all, I’ll have to learn to do without my parents; cook, do the laundry and shop for groceries on my own. I’ll have to live an independent life in a city where I’ve never been before. Furthermore, lessons in the university are delivered in a completely different manner from what I’ve been used to so far. The first year in medical faculty is extremely selective, only a very small percentage of students can pass in second year. This makes for an additional difficulty. I’m sure other challenges I cannot even imagine right now will pop up but I feel ready to overcome them all!

6. What will be your fondest memories from LFKL?

I have plenty of memories from this past year in LFKL, which I’ll never forget. Among those, the trip to Ipoh left a deep imprint in me. What with the rafting, the wonderful views inside the caves and a night in the jungle, it will remain an unforgettable experience. The “Concours general” [most prestigious French academic competition] in physics and chemistry will also remain unforgettable. Due to the time difference, I had to pass the test in LFKL from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m.! A huge number of other events come to my mind when I browse through my memories of LFKL, such as the Chinese New Year show, Carnival, or the day for women’s rights, when everybody wore a violet ribbon. But I guess it’s thanks to my classmates that I cherish these memories so much. I consider them as the most beautiful part about LFKL and I will miss them the most.