Lyu Yanxin, Chinese family
1. Why did you choose the LFKL?

Now learning English is a very common thing. In China, children can speak English when they grow up, they don’t have any language advantages. Moreover, there are many beautiful places in the world, More than one language, they can learn more about the world, communicate with more people, become friends and enrich their lives. So we hope she to learn another language. Ask teacher to teach once a week, or take part in extra-curricular classes. This kind of learning without language environment is boring and difficult for child. The key is that it has little effect. So we chose French school.

Before meeting French schools, we also participated in open day in several schools. These schools have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are also second language learning in the curriculum, such as French, Spanish, etc., but we always feel that there is something important missing. Until one day we heard about French school from my friend, we immediately made an appointment to visit them. After meeting the principal, we thought he was a very good principal. We trusted him very much and thought to ourselves: as long as he would accept my child,no matter how difficult it was at first, we would overcome it. With the careful arrangement of the headmaster and the help of the teachers, my child passed the beginning stage of “everything is difficult at the beginning” smoothly and happily, and passed the A2 language test in the third semester. She is very lucky to meet good principal and teachers here. We sincerely thank LFKL’s teachers for their help.

Now she has begun her second year of study here. In addition to learning all kinds of knowledge every day, the extracurricular activities in this school are very wonderful, which can give children many opportunities to perform. Most Chinese children are shy and not used to show themselves, but the rich stage performance opportunities in the school provide children with a stage to bravely go up, there are also many sports activities. She can take part in sports activities almost every day. This is our favorite place. Health is the most important thing. What’s the future without a strong body?

Now we are very satisfied with our original choice. I hope she will spend a happy and fruitful student time here!