Karen Westley, French-American family
1. Why did you choose the LFKL?

I selected LFKL when my children were in Petite Section and – the first year of nursery. I was living in Holland for my job. The girl’s Father is French and
I wanted them to grow up to be bilingual and appreciate all of the dimensions of their two cultures.
Their French grandparents spoke no English, so they would have to speak French to be close to them. I liked the early learning curriculum and the girls had two lovely Teachers each year – one French and one English.I knew I would be moving for my job and I felt the French system would provide them with educational continuity wherever we lived as it has an extensive network of school worldwide, that are accredited by the French Ministry of Education.

2. Do your children enjoy the LFKL?

My girls are now 12 and 14, and all of their schooling has been in the French system. They enjoy it and they work hard. They have friends from dozens of countries and they are now also studying Mandarin and Spanish. They have both done well in this school system, and that is why I have decided to keep them in the same system through their high school years. With the ‘baccalaureate’ qualification, they will be able to go to University in the US, in Europe, or in Canada.

3. Do you feel like your children are changing and growing in the LFKL?

I do. The LFKL has a good diversity of students – some from overseas, some from Malaysia and also those on scholarships. My children has also had the opportunity to develop leadership skills through being Class Officers. There is a good emphasis in the French school on oral presentation skills which prepares them well to be able to discuss a wide range of issues and topics with adults and other children.

4. What is the most positive thing about the LFKL?

For me the most positive thing has been the staff and teachers of the school, and the relatively small class sizes.  Because I am not French and I need to understand the educational system better, I also participate in as many school activities as I can. I feel my girls get good personalized attention and are very comfortable in the school. The system of support through the ‘CPEs’ and ‘surveillants’ also gives them moral and psychological support. Whenever they have had a difficulty with a friend of have hurt themselves, they always received good care and support. There is also a full time nurse at the school who calls if there is anything wrong.

5. Do you and your child have some special memories to share about the school, class and activity?

The girls have both participated in Deepavali and Chinese New Year events. One year my daughter’s class made a music video on sustainable development. These events are enjoyable for parents and good exposure for the kids. The Kermesse is really fun when they are in primary school.