From 4 to 6 November, the sciences department of LFKL was pleased to welcome 2 young engineers, Violette & Charlie, who, as members of the association “Talents for future”, inquired into the origins and effects of climatic disruption with those of our 11th, 12th and 13th graders who follow a specialised training in Sciences of Life and Earth.

Through workshops and mini-conferences, they managed to retrace the links between our behaviour of citizens/consumers, the alarming decrease of natural resources, the drastic loss of biodiversity and climatic change… The final realisation is certainly not joyful stuff but such is the truth, corroborated by the unforgiving data from the GIEC’s scientists!

No sooner had these complex links been put in evidence than the two intervening persons, intent on going beyond the sombre realisation, made the students understand that realistic solutions do exist, some of which everyone can resort to on a daily basis, and these solutions make a real difference upon the environment and climate of the future.

Hence the somewhat more optimistic mood in which these training sessions ended; students being by then better aware of the urgent need for a behavioural change but also enthusiastic about contributing, as “enlightened ecocitizens” to an improvement of the environmental state of play and to the advent — or so we hope — of a “greener” society.

Our warm thanks to Violette and Charlie for their infectious enthusiasm and our best wishes for a long and pleasant trip; their “pedagogical mission” will lead them from New-Zealand to France, with 17 high schools from the AEFE networks as stops along the way (LFKL was second on the list!). Since they only use non-motorised modes of transportation, i.e. sailing and cycling, we wish them favourable winds and strong legs!

For those who would like to know more about their plans and adventures, or about the “Talents for future” association, the programme of which received the seal of approval of the French Ministry of National education:  ;  ;

The team of sciences teachers from LFKL